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Mission Statement

Saltwater Arms is committed to delivering corrosion-resistant firearms to professionals, competitive shooters and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The Saltwater Arms’ brand promise is to provide corrosion-resistant firearms that deliver consistent, reliable and accurate performance for the life of the rifle. 

About Saltwater Arms

Saltwater Arms was founded in 2019 to provide consumers with high-quality and long-lasting maritime firearms. Designed using stainless steel and high strength corrosion-resistant coatings, our firearms and parts kits provide the utmost durability and longevity in the harshest of marine environments.

By combining the flexibility and legendary utility of the AR platform with the innovative use of corrosion-resistant materials and technologies means that a Saltwater Arms American-made product will meet any maritime task.

Saltwater Arms is now a brand under the OUTERWILD family. Saltwater Arms products are sold on Outerwild Outpost and manufactured by Outerwild MFG who is a leader in the firearm manufacturing industry. In-house we design, engineer and machine our components in robotically-driven cells and auto-feed systems allowing precision and accuracy.

All Saltwater Arms products are proudly manufactured in the United States and our firearms are hand-assembled and test-fired at our Illinois-based state-of-the-art facility. Our twin passions for firearms and the open water inspired us to build products that we want to use and we hope you will too. 

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If you’d like additional information about Saltwater Arms and you can’t find it on our site, please email us for the fastest response at sales@outerwild.comWe welcome all questions related to our products, your order, or any technical support you may need.

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